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This is not a phase, Thor!

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The only thing I gathered from ‘Only Lovers Left Alive’ trailers is that all female vampires are blondes while males are brunettes and they all dressed like they’re really pale and sickly goths. 

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Only Lovers Left Alive

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Tom Hiddleston about Loki.


Loki is really a damaged soul. On one hand, there is this emotional volatility. He’s neither Asgardian nor Frost Giant — and he is entirely alone, and that makes for a very sad spirit. On the other hand, he’s someone who overtly delights in the chaos he creates. He’s an agent of mischief. There are two roads that I have to go down in my journey to play him: one is to excavate the depths of his spiritual pain and the other is to try and find a place within myself that enjoys wreaking havoc. 

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